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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Pics...

Sample untuk tempahan hari raya

Coklat Oreo

Coklat Oreo lagi...

Chocolate Gift from my daughter to her ustazah at school.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chocolate Box

Hardcover Bookstyle Boxes

35cav Bookstyle Box (Green)

35cav Bookstyle Box (Gold)

12cav Bookstyle Box (Pink)

My First Order

These were my first order from my office-mate for her sister's hantaran pertunangan. A box of 35 pcs chocolates in a hardcover bookstyle box.

3 Designs used were heart shape, rose and leaf shape. Assorted praline chocolates - orange flavour, strawberry flavour and almond nut.

My 1st Handmade Chocs

Gambar di atas ini hanya lah gambar hiasan semata2...

These were my 1st chocolates made during my class attended on last June 2009. Those chocs were dedicated to my hubby since it was a Father's Day. And these (picture below) were some other chocolates I made. My kids really love them especially the lollichoc, oreo chocs and teddy bear chocs (oopps! the picture of teddy bear chocs was not taken!)


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