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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Order: 13 Nov 2009 - 35pcs

This time, a friend of mine @ office (Pn. Shaza Salleh) ordered a box of 35pcs assorted praline chocs as a gift to her friend. Colour theme was GREEN. Enjoy the pics below....

As per requested:-
Love : Blueberry filling
Rose : Strawberry filling
Shell : Mocha + Raisin
Leaf : Almond Nut / Mint

Tied with a simple ribbon (as per requested)...
[earlier... tak nak langsung ikat ngan reben... at last agreed but simple je!]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Weekend's Activity

My youngest son keep asking me to make oreo chocolates and lollichocs for him. So... here are the pics taken last Sunday 8 Nov 2009. Oreo Chocolates and Lollichocs were specially made for my kids.

Some of Oreo Chocolates made for my kids.

These were for my kids too.

Juga menyiapkan tempahan coklat yang dibuat oleh my hubby's friend in JB..... 35 pcs of assorted praline chocs in a box and 2 boxes of 9pcs. Yang dalam round plastic container tu adalah untuk my hubby bawa balik ke JB untuk dimakan di waktu rehat dan santai.

Chocolates ordered by my hubby's friend @ JB.


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