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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've changed my previous shoutbox by to a new one.... by ShoutCamp (as you can see on the right pane of this page blog).

I have no idea what went wrong but as far as I am concerned the problem occurred since last December 2010 ( as I've mentioned in my previous entry Salam & Hi... ). At first, some of my messages in shoutbox went missing then suddenly all of them. Finally I can't even post any message to the shoutbox due to database error. I've reported to support team but still no difference. So.... (tak perlu peningkan kepala pasal problem tu...) now I'm using shoutbox by ShoutCamp. I hope there would be no problem in the future!!!

Dear All.... Do keep in touch and feel free to leave any message in my new shoutbox kay!!! ;)

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